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DermiCos, Police
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We are the manufacturer of the sanitary disinfection in beauty salons and nail cosmetics. We specialize in nail care measures, eyelashes and skin. Our domain is Polish UV and Color UV gel. We make cosmetics for our customers. We make the color and quality, according to customers' requirements. We also do small parties.

We offer:
* Polish UV - Private Label for nails,
* UV Gels - Nail Extensions and strengthen nails for the professional market,
* UV Gel color for decorating and Painting nails,
* Acrylate and chemicals for use in beauty manicure and pedicure,
* Tips Glue,
* 1:1 Eyelash Adhesive,
* Removers, cleaners, degreasers nail
* Disinfecting for beauty salons (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal) to the skin and the surface.
* Biocides against fungal and bacterial inflammation based on Tolnaftat'u. our leading product is a biocide, fungicide Dermycosis

   formulation for topical nail plate before and after setting tips. This product is recommended preventive - antifungal for people

   who wear artificial nails, but for those sensitive to the development of the fungus (people who frequently wash their hands-

   doctors, nurses, work in catering, etc.)

All biocidal products are certified testing laboratories and are registered as biocides.

In 2013 We will have got GMP certificat - ISO 22716


Please call and ask for cooperation Tel.: +48 603 751 300+48 603 751 300

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